• We are an Argentinian
    frozen seafood processor
    established since 2010 in Comodoro
    Rivadavia, Patagonia, Argentina
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Langostino Argentino Salvaje

Argentine Wild Red Shrimp

Pleoticus Muelleri

Langostino | Crevette | Gamberi | Camarao | Garnelen | Креветки | 龙虾

  • Whole / Head-on Shell-on | HOSO
  • Healess / Shell-on | HLSO
  • Peeled & Undeveined | PUD
  • Peeled & Deveined | P&D
Merluza Argentina

Argentine Hake

Merluccius Hubbsi

Merluza | Whiting | Merlú Blanc | Nasello
Pescada | Seehecht | Хек | 無須鱈

  • Fillets, Skinless, Pinbones in
  • Fillets, Skin-on, Scale-on, Pinbones in
  • HGT

From Patagonia to the World

Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina

Fresh and wild catches from the cold waters of the South Atlantic Argentine Sea.

Pesca Ecoprom SRL

Our Mission

To focus on continuous improvement. To constantly exceed the expectations of our clients all over the world.

To offer high-quality fish products caught in the southernmost waters, maintaining the unique characteristics that set apart the species we trade and reflecting the wild freshness of their place of origin: the Argentine Patagonia.